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Haitch (H~)

Haitch Music & Circular Breath
Musician & Fascilitator
S/E Qld
Haitch is a multi-instrumental musician, composer and teacher bringing a fresh twist to the world music and yoga scenes.
Lush and diverse soundscapes pair up with Haitch's unique voice and the intention to connect people to the planet thru music. Haitch creates this moving fusion with both uncommon and classical instruments, captivating and inspiring audiences.
Featuring sounds of the Native American style flutes, Balinese bamboo Suling, slide didgeridoo, electric Indian zither, trumpet, resonant vocals and live looping. Aside from playing, Haitch also enjoys teaching flutes, vocals and circular breath. Featured along side the likes of Sacred Earth, Tina Malia, Dave Stringer and more. Haitch’s sounds will have you hooked!

Haitch's community focused passion project is Circular Breath. Teaching this amazing ancient technique for musical and medical applications and manufacturing the tools to get started. Circular Breath benefits include empowering people with breath disorders such as sleep apnea, asthma, snoring. Circular Breath is also used worldwide to play musical instruments including reed and brass instruments, fipple flutes, traditional Yidaki and hybrid didgeridoos. For more information and access to the worldwide studies on circular breath, please visit the website www.circularbreath.com or come have a chat at Byron Spirit Festival!