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Didgeridoo Pranayama
Didgeridoo Pranayama is a powerful breathing technique developed by world-renowned musician Si Mullumby. Throughout his 24 year journey as a didgeridoo player Si has kept on his inner path through the continual exploration of this energy harnessing breathing method that combines meditation on the Aum, pranayama, Indian music theory and connection to place and to country.

Byron Spirit Festival is the perfect place to experience Didgeridoo Pranayama.

From meditation on sacred sound of Aum, you’ll transition into the special repetitive breathing technique, held in motion by the vibration of the didgeridoo. Experience the primeval, rhythmic oscillations that will activate the para-sympathetic nervous system to ground and connect you to spirit.

Didgeridoo Pranayama is a workshop that offers all the virtues of playing didgeridoo without all the years that it takes to master. For the first time Si is sharing his life’s work exploring the power of breathing patterns as a tool for actively exploring the inner realms.

Age Requirement 16+

Please come for the whole session. No entry after 1015am.