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Ella Noah Bancroft

Ella Noah Bancroft is an Australian born artist, storyteller, teacher, tantric and mentor. Her Indigenous heritage has played a key role in her story.

Over the years, Ella has been traveling the world, acquiring new skills, ways of thinking, ancient wisdom and local teachings. Ella is a trained yoga teacher and studied tantra in India, Australia, Guatemala and has practised in California.

Her ancestral links have given her a platform for expression within the arts. She studied the art of Indigenous dance from a young age and danced in both the opening ceremony of the 2000 Olympic games and the Walk for Reconciliation across Sydney Harbour Bridge. Her mixed heritage has allowed her a different perceptive on life and a capacity to teach all races, ages and sexes.

She is passionate about re-wilding, sexual engagement within the world and the feminine force and is devoting her life to making this work accessible in the West.

Traveller and free spirit, Ella is mostly always on the move or looking to be, with a keen desire to promote change around her and within herself.