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Jemma Gawned

Anchoring the Light

Jemma is deeply reverent to the Wisdom of all Indigenous peoples from around the World, and especially works with the wisdom of Andean Shamanic Path, the Cosmology of the Inca of Peru. She has extensive experience working with, facilitating and practising ritual and Ceremony both here in Australia and across the world, and spends many months a year learning from her Maestros in Peru and taking guided groups on an annual Spiritual Pilgrimage into the Andes Mountains across the Winter Solstice or Inti Raymi - the Andean New Year.

Jemma feels that Ceremony is a Celebration of Life. That our connection to the Earth, each other and especially to ourselves is missing in our busy modern lives. Through cultivating a reverent and grateful connection to the Universal Beings and Pacha Mama that support us through Ceremony, we in turn become more in alignment with our true nature which is Infinite LOVE, JOY and FREEDOM.

This giving and receiving brings us to remembering that we are Powerful Beings of Light, Masterful Co Creators. And that when we liberate ourselves from anything that holds us back, we remember that we are Limitless!

This is something many of us have forgotten and so gathering together in Community, Ceremony and Celebration (as our Ancestors did and many Indigenous Nations still do) can help us to 'Wake up' and remember the Truth of who we really are.

Then, we are unstoppable!