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John Ogilvie

Byron Yoga Centre
Purna Yoga
A Purna Yoga flow masterclass for all levels in this session John Ogilvie will take participants through a dynamic Purna sequence, offering variations for the less experienced and for those with more yoga years. You will progress through a gentle warm up into a strengthening standing sequence and on to playing with more challenging poses before the cool down segment.John has done substantial research on the chakras and their connection to our endocrine system. This sequence has been designed to balance the chakras, addressing hormonal imbalances, opening the heart and leaving you feeling energised and joyful!Explore Inversions, intermediate level in this rewarding workshop you will experiment with inversion variations including handstand. John Ogilvie will begin with a dynamic sequence to warm up the major muscles, build strength in the arms, shoulders and core, moving through key through preparations and then onto inversions and handstand. The sequence culminates in using restorative inversions to calm both the spine and the central nervous system.

John’s classes are always fun and also insightful. His signature style is to weave in some of his philosophic insights on the yamas and nyamas, offering practical advice for seeking a more authentic and rewarding lifestyle.