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Spirit Song
Calling to the singers, the priestesses, the priests, the ones who carry stories and dreams and words and songs, ones who are weaving with their Wild Self.
This is an invitation to come on a journey. A journey through breath, through song, through harmony, through listening and attuning, through prayerful power and reverence. Through touch and tears, temples and caverns.
A place where we sing together, exploring sacred songs from across the globe, singing in the tongues of our ancestors. Singing in Spirit. We who offer ourselves in service to the sacred.
Spiritsong Shamanic Choir is an experiential workshop that offers a space where one is encouraged to open up to the sacred world of sound that resides within all beings. Through an array of voice inspired exercises, each person will access the healing that resides within through the communion of sacred sound.
Rebekah brings many years of singing, songwriting & performing experience and sincere passion for healing & transformation into a synthesis of techniques, games and active meditations that assist each one to journey deep on the medicine path and fly high in harmony.
Bring your medicine drums... Bring your rattles...

My Artists Sessions

Sunday, April 22

1:00pm AEST